Small Cargo Trailers
Small Cargo Trailers

Types of Small Cargo Trailers like 5×8 cargo trailer

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There are a few different types of small cargo trailers. You can get a 5×8 trailer, an 8.5×18 tandem axle, a 7×14, or a 6×12 tandem axle. In this article, we will explore the different types of small cargo trailers and their various uses. Hopefully, you will find an option that fits your needs and your budget. You can even customize a cargo trailer by converting it into a mobile office and taking it to the woods or beach.

5×8 cargo trailer

Whether you’re hauling a few boxes or a full-size bed, a 5×8 Small Cargo Trailers is an excellent option. It has an easy-to-tow tongue and is equipped with a hard top and lockable door. This type of trailer can accommodate up to 1,800 lbs and can be towed with a standard car with a towing package. Whether you’re hauling household items or a small business’s new office supplies, a 5×8 trailer is a great choice. These trailers have multiple tie-downs and are equipped with Sumo springs.

While you can find a cheap 5×8 small cargo trailer for sale, it is important to consider the quality of each trailer before buying. A quality 5×8 trailer is made from durable materials and should provide you with years of service. You should also consider the cost when making the decision to purchase a 5×8 trailer. This type of trailer should be affordable and can be a great addition to your vehicle or business. There are many different types of 5×8 small cargo trailers available for sale on the market, so take your time and compare them.

8.5×18 tandem axle

If you need to haul a large load, consider purchasing an 8.5×18 tandem axle small cargo trailer. This enclosed trailer offers security for your cargo, and the tandem axle adds strength and toughness to the trailer. Its 8.5-foot width allows it to transport large loads with ease. Its high-strength steel construction means that it will withstand rough treatment. You’ll be pleased with the 8.5-foot tandem axle small cargo trailer.

Choose from a variety of sizes. An 8.5×18 tandem axle small cargo trailer is available in 5′ or 6′ widths, and is made with 16″ on-center tube wall studs and roof rows. These trailers feature a 3/8-inch plywood wall liner, screwless exterior, and bright front cap. You’ll have plenty of space to haul your goods, and you’ll love the easy maneuverability and storage options.

7×14 tandem axle

A 7×14 tandem axle small cargo trailer is a highly maneuverable and versatile vehicle. Its two wheels offer an added advantage for tight urban streets, while its A-frame hookup and standard 2″ coupler are useful for tying down to a vehicle. Other features include 3500-pound-rated axles, a two-inch wooden floor, and electric brakes. Plugging in this trailer requires a seven-way RV style plug.

The standard features of a 7×14 trailer include two 3500-pound axles with springs. The heavier axles provide more payload capacity and larger hubs and bearings. They also offer less bounce when not fully loaded. These trailers are also typically six feet three inches tall and have a 69-inch ramp opening. Lastly, they are constructed of thicker aluminum, so the overall appearance is smoother.

6×12 tandem axle

Whether your business involves moving goods across the country or needs a small, easy to tow trailer, a 6×12 tandem axle small cargo trailer will fit the bill. Available in several colors and add-on options, this trailer has the features you need and is guaranteed to be reliable and sturdy. It features a diamond construction and electric brakes, and comes with a Low Price Guarantee and 5-year Factory Warranty.

7×16 tandem axle

A seven-foot by sixteen-foot, tandem-axle small cargo trailer is the perfect solution for carrying a variety of materials and equipment. Its ramp door, side door, and V-nose make it ideal for hauling work or play materials. This durable trailer will provide years of reliable service. It also offers a variety of options so you can customize your trailer to suit your specific needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a 7-foot tandem axle small cargo trailer.

When you’re looking for a seven-foot tandem axle small cargo trailer, look for the Continental Cargo Vulcan Series. This trailer is made with all-steel construction and features the latest in CellTech panels. These panels are ultra-strong yet lightweight. This trailer is also customizable, with E-Track Rails allowing you to add or remove features as needed. For even more versatility, you can choose an additional awning or a second tie-back.

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