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Top 10 Reliable Interstate Moving Companies

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There are many factors to consider when choosing an interstate moving company. These factors include cost, reputation, service area, and extra services. Here are some important tips to help you make the right choice. The best interstate moving companies will have a high-quality reputation and a dependable customer service team. For example, United Van Lines is the best choice, with its helpful online portal and free cancellation and no deposit policy. If you’re in the market for a moving company, you can also consider Mayflower Transit, which also offers great services and convenient moving packages.

Interstate Moving Companies

While it may not be a pleasant experience, moving is one of life’s most stressful events. In fact, Americans rank moving as more stressful than having a baby, getting married, or starting a new career. In fact, 64% of people say their most recent move was one of the most stressful times of their lives. The wrong interstate moving company can leave you frustrated, with extra costs and time wasted. Here are some tips to help you choose the right interstate moving company.

Obtain several quotes from several moving companies to compare the prices and services of each. Ask each company whether the quotes they offer are binding, as this will help you avoid any hidden fees. You should also check online reviews and complaints about moving companies. Check whether they have a good reputation and are free of complaints. If a moving company offers a fixed quote, that’s a good sign. If not, make sure to ask for a quote that includes full coverage. Also, make sure to ask whether moving insurance is available through the moving company.

Moving Companies Cost

If you want to move across the country, you can pay an interstate moving company between $2,000 and $6,000 to move your belongings. The cost of moving over 1,000 miles will vary greatly depending on the type of move, the size of the house, and the uniqueness of the items. There are also additional costs to consider, such as fuel costs and liability insurance. You may also want to factor in the time of day and rush hour when moving.

Several factors determine the cost of moving across state lines. The weight of your shipment, the distance you’re moving, and labor costs all play a role in determining the overall cost of your move. The cost is significantly lower if you’re moving to a neighboring state. Additionally, labor costs will vary. Some interstate moving companies offer discounts to members of the military, AAA, or students. The cost of packing can add up, so it may be in your best interest to pack your items yourself instead of hiring an interstate moving company.

Services offered

The services of an Interstate moving company will include packing and unpacking your belongings. A company that provides packing services can make moving a lot easier for you. They will help you plan the move and time it appropriately. They will also help you with special needs such as piano moving. In addition to packing services, these companies can also help you with storage options. They will also pick up your items in advance of your move. This will reduce the hassles of moving and will ensure your items arrive safely and in one piece.

When comparing different interstate moving companies, pay attention to their customer reviews. While any company will have a few negative reviews, you should try to find companies that have many positive reviews. Also, pay attention to the price ranges and safety measures offered by different companies. You can find such information through the Better Business Bureau and other websites. However, you must be careful not to get carried away with advertising and choose a company based on its reputation.


Moving interstate can be a stressful and challenging process. However, there are several interstate moving companies that can help ease your stress. This Old House reviews team has evaluated the reputation of 31 of the best moving companies, analyzing thousands of customer reviews. We have identified the companies with the highest ratings. The following list is based on the overall reputation and quality of service provided by these companies. The company’s reputation is measured in terms of how many positive reviews the company receives from past and present customers.

To make sure that a company is reliable, customers should read reviews online. Make sure to check several sources and evaluate the reputation of a company before signing a contract. A company with negative reviews should be avoided. A company with a good reputation should have reliable customer service and be responsive to complaints. Besides having a reliable reputation, an interstate moving company should have a customer-friendly online portal and live tracking.

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