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Sailor Neptune Fictional Character Lead Protagonist

Sailor Neptune is a fictional character who is the lead protagonist of the Sailor Moon series. She is also a member of the Sailor Soldiers, a group of young girls who protect the solar system from evil. These girls are super-powered fighters who use a variety of powers and skills, including magic, to save their home planet.


The color of Sailor Neptune is sea green. She is a fictional lead character in the popular Sailor Moon franchise. In the anime, she is portrayed as sophisticated and elegant. Her powers are based on the ocean.

For the most part, her aura was in the navy blue shade. Some cells were put in a yellowish hue during animation.

The Sailor Neptune figurine is a possible action figure. She comes with a Deep Aqua Mirror and interchangeable facial expressions. It also comes with a prayer hand part.

She is the seventh of the seven Sailor Senshi and the eighth to appear in the Sailor Moon series. In addition to her talisman, she has the ability to send a sphere-shaped like the planet Uranus toward her target.

She also has the ability to project an energy blast at her enemy. This is in addition to the traditional powers that other versions of the canon have seen her use.

Interesting Fact

Another interesting fact is that Sailor Neptune is the only Senshi to possess the power of teleportation. When she is away, she can send Chibiusa to her location with the help of the Deep Aqua Mirror.

In the manga, she has the ability to transform using the Neptune Crystal. However, she did not have the same ability in the anime. During the first season of the anime, she appeared as Michelle, a civilian.

In the second season, she was played by Yuuka Asami. Aside from her ability to transform, she has the same costume as her manga counterpart. Interestingly, she is not featured in any live-action series.

Sailor Neptune is a member of the Animation Color Edition lineup. This is a special edition of the figurine and includes updated packaging. You can also find this model in the S.H.Figuarts line of figures from Bandai.

Other figures in this series include Sailor Mars, Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto. Each figure has its own color.

While the color of Sailor Neptune is not the most important aspect of her role in the series, her abilities are very impressive. She is a great addition to your collection.


Sailor Neptune is one of the most powerful members of the Sailor Team. She is an elegant Sailor Soldier and has a powerful ability that deals with water. The power that is associated with this character is the Deep Aqua Mirror, which gives her powers.

This is one of three powerful Talismans that Neptune possesses. Using the Deep Aqua Mirror, she is able to release a huge amount of water at an enemy. It is also possible for her to reflect the energy of the mirror on an opponent and see their secret weaknesses.

Besides her water-based powers, Sailor Neptune also possesses psychic abilities. She is also very loyal to Sailor Uranus. Together, they form the outer Sailor Team. They are the first line of defense against threats that come from the outer Solar System.

Another Sailor Neptune power is her ability to call upon Sailor Saturn. This attack is a blast of white bolts of lightning that shoot at an enemy. However, it is difficult for this power to be used regularly.

Most Important Powers

One of Sailor Neptune’s most important powers is her ability to generate an energy ball that represents a planet. She uses this power in different ways throughout the series. For example, in the anime version of the series, she throws an energy ball at an enemy. In other versions, she simply calls upon power.

Sailor Neptune is not the strongest member of the Sailor Team, although her abilities are impressive. Despite her strength, she is quite compassionate. When she was a civilian, she was cold and harsh. But, when she was a Senshi, she was more sympathetic.

Sailor Neptune is not a direct reincarnation of a Senshi. Instead, she is a reincarnation of a member of the Senshi of the Outer Rim. While she has the ability to use some of the standard powers, she has not had any special training.

Like Sailor Mercury, Sailor Neptune’s powers are based on the element of water. Her powers also pay homage to the Roman god, Neptune.

If you are looking for the best Sailor Scout, then you should definitely look into Sailor Neptune.


Despite its glitzy duds, Sailor Moon isn’t without its flaws. Although the show’s protagonists are more than up to the task of saving the world from a perilous villain, the world of Sailor Senshi is far from perfect. One glaring omission is the lack of any truly memorable characters, a fact that was rectified in season three. However, the show still suffers from the same old ruts.

As a matter of fact, it’s not just Sailor Neptune that makes the cut. In fact, the best character in the show is not even a member of the Sailor Team, but a rogue ninja. But if you can overlook her lack of redeemable qualities, you’ll find that she has an unstoppable streak of selflessness. And while her ninja skills may be lacking, she has a talent for the music genres of classical and rock.

Share Of Missteps

However, Sailor Neptune does have her share of missteps. The most significant one of these is her flimsy use of the Deep Aqua Mirror, but she’s certainly not alone. Other notable blunders include her reliance on her magic wand and her overly exaggerated sense of superiority.

Sailor Uranus has a few minor gripes of her own, but none as significant as her tendency to make outlandish claims about her powers. Some of them were indeed true, and a few were downright fraudulent. For example, she said she was capable of summoning the power of the moon. While this has never been proven in the real world, it’s not unreasonable to believe that she actually did manage to do so.

Sailor Saturn is a big ol’ nuclear bomb, but he’s not the only hunk in the Sailor triumphed. In fact, he’s been the narrator of many a joke or two. Indeed, his name was on the lips of a number of Sailor Soldiers, including Michiru. To say that he’s been in their crosshairs would be an understatement. This is why he deserves more than a mention in the same piece as Michiru. After all, he’s the most senior member of the crew and the one who can prove unconfirmed.


The symbolism of Sailor Neptune is based on Greco-Roman mythology. She is a powerful Senshi with psychic abilities. Her powers are based on the element of water. These powers were inspired by the Roman god Neptune.

Sailor Neptune is the eighth Sailor Senshi to be introduced in the series. The character was not originally meant to be a companion to the senshi of Sailor Pluto. They were supposed to be opposite but complementary characters.

Sailor Neptune is the Guardian of the Deep Sea. When she attacks, she uses her Deep Aqua Mirror to gather seawater into a blue ball of energy. This attack is also known as the Deep Submerge.

Sailor Neptune’s planetary symbol is a trident. The trident symbolizes Neptune’s position as king of the seas. In Japan, Neptune is associated with water. However, there is no specific meaning of the kanji.

Civilian Identity

Sailor Neptune’s civilian identity is Michiru Kaiou. Michiru’s first name means “rising” and her surname means “sea king.”

During her first appearance in the anime, Sailor Neptune referred to herself as a Soldier of Deep Waters. During her time with Sailor Uranus, she and Uranus had a duet called Harsh! Saint Cry.

Sailor Neptune has a unique and elegant look. She consists of dark navy waves and a metallic aquamarine aesthetic. Sailor Neptune is also a guardian of the Solar System.

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Sailor Neptune is a powerful and elegant senshi. She is a member of the Outer Senshi. She is the second Senshi to use a personal item in battle. Unlike the other senshi, she has a backstory that has not been revealed in the manga.

Although her powers are based on the element of water, Sailor Neptune has other domains as well. In addition to the sea, she also defends the Solar System. Despite her power, she was cold and capable of sharp anger.

Sailor Neptune is the second Senshi to use a personal item in battle. She is also the only Outer Senshi to be active during the Crystal season of the anime. Unlike the other Senshi, Sailor Neptune has an extremely strong psyche.

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