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Raycon earbuds work great for travel and exercise. The earbuds are designed to fit perfectly in your ear and will not fall out when you exercise or do other activities. If you want a perfect fit for yourself in a reasonable price then raycon earbuds are for you.

What is Raycon?

Raycon was founded by Ray J, an American rapper and reality TV star. He is joined by the other Ray Lee. The two joined forces to form a wireless headphones company with the aim of undercutting the big players in the technology industry by offering more affordable alternatives. However, it is currently only available in the US.

History of Raycon:

These buds are updated versions of the ones that were launched in 2021.However, it is currently only available in the US. These buds now offer ANC and awareness mode, touch controls, microphones for taking calls, and promise a truly comfortable fit.

Raycon Earbud Overview:

The sound is powerful despite its small size. These compact wireless earbuds will deliver powerful and crisp beats to your daily grind.

Raycon The Fitness Earbuds:

Raycon The Fitness Earbuds
The fitness earbuds are True Wireless (2021 Edition) are also called the Raycon E45. They are sports-oriented earbuds. Raycon buds are designed for casual use. For example, the Raycon E55 True Wireless.

Detachable stability fins:

Detachable stability fins
These buds have removable stability fins, and they come in a variety of sizes. Water resistance is also IPX7-rated. They have a similar look to the E55, and they share other Raycon buds’ exaggerated sound profile.

Raycon Fitness Earbuds Review:

Raycon Fitness Earbuds work well for travel and commute. The Raycon Fitness Earbuds are lightweight and comfortable and can easily be slipped into bags and pockets. The batteries can last up to 12 hours, so there’s no need to charge them during long flights or trips. They also have active sound cancelling.

What’s in the Box:

What's in the Box
⦁ The Charging Capsule
⦁ Fitness Earbuds
⦁ Stabilizing Gel Fins (3 Sets)
⦁ Gel Tips (5 sets)
⦁ Type C Charging Cord
⦁ Lanyard
⦁ Carabiner
⦁ User Manual

Key Points:

All-day Comfort:

Perfect Fit:

perfect fit
The company tested different coatings and gel thicknesses, based on international scans of ears and fit studies.


Noise cancellation by passive means Sometime, big things come in small packages. Immerse yourself with rich, powerful sound and deep bass. Earbuds reduce the external noise. Be Aware of Your Surroundings MODE Each day is different.

The Awareness Mode:

Awareness Mode
It helps you stay aware of what’s going on around you. Name mispronounced at the usual coffee shop. Heard. What are the important airport announcements? Phone calls made in awareness mode sound more natural.You can also Design Your Own Available in four different colors Touch controls IPX7 .

Pocket Friendly:

Fitness Earbuds have tiny buds inside a capsule case that is pocket and running belt friendly. The case has a loop to hook in the included lanyard or carabiner to attach to a bag.

Build Quality:

The buds come in four colours, including this cobalt shade. It’s not to everyone’s liking, but we liked it.They can be worn discreetly and comfortably in your ears.There are five different sizes of earbuds and three gel fins.

Touch Controls:

Touch Controls
The fact that the touch controls are so small, but still allow you to adjust the volume, skip the audio, play and pause, as well as toggle between three listening modes, was a surprise.

Touch Controls Are Useful:

The touch controls are useful for fitness earbuds in general, but especially when you want to keep your pace and not lose it while trying to find the sweet spots.

Resistant against water and sweat:

Resistant against water and sweat
The buds have an IPX7 rating, which means they are resistant against sweat and water splashes. They’ve been used in the rain without any performance issues.

Features Of Raycon Earbuds:

⦁ Modes of ANC and awareness
⦁ Battery life: 12 hours (ANC off)

ANC and awareness mode:

Raycon offers ANC and awareness modes that can be used to either block out the outside world or allow some to come back in. You can access these modes by holding the right earbud for three seconds. Both work well to block out the outside world while allowing everything in.

Use in Indoor Gyms:

Both modes are surprisingly effective. People use them in the gym or on runs. They may not be the best-in-class ANC, or have a highly customisable awareness mode, but neither are they bad performers.

Jabra Elite 4 Active:

Jabra Elite 4 Active

The same goes for handling calls. The dual beam microphones provide enough volume and clarity to allow you to accept, reject and end calls. However, the Jabra Elite Active 4 Active is more clear.

Support for Bluetooth Multipoint:

Users had no trouble pairing the devices with a Garmin Watch, a MacBook and an iPhone or Android Phone. You can use up to two devices at once, so you can easily use these both at home and on the go. No connection drops have occurred on any of these devices.

Battery life:

12 hours (ANC off). The Fitness Earbuds have a good battery life, whether or not ANC is used. Battery life is stated to be 12 hours with ANC turned off, but users say it’s only half that with it on.

USB-C powered charging case:

LED indicator on the Case

Users will never run out of battery power if they remember to put them back in the USB-C charging case when finished using them. A fully charged charging case can extend the battery’s life to up to 56 hours.

LED indicator on the Case :

The case has a LED that shows the battery level using a colour-coded system.

Sound Quality:

3 Sound Profiles Bassy profile Raycon does not share details on the hardware that delivers sound to The Fitness Earbuds. However, it isn’t hard to tell that the focus of these earbuds is to bring the bass.

Three different listening profiles:

Three different listening profiles

Choose from three different profiles. As the name suggests, Balanced presents a warmer and more balanced sound. Bass Sound boosts low-end frequencies, while Pure Sound delivers a bit more finesse. Users don’t believe that this is how the system works. Powerful workouts for your body .

The Bass:

The bass is dominant and prominent in all three listening profiles. While there’s plenty of warmth and power for a workout, this comes at the cost of the mids and treble. There’s a distinct characteristic to all music, and it’s not a bad thing.

Beats earbuds :

This is the type of bass-forward sound profile you’d associate with Beats sporty earbuds. Beats buds sound a little more delicate, but it’s still all about power and bass. These small buds still have a lot to offer if you’re willing to accept a slightly lower midrange and a more textured performance.

Reviews about Raycon Earbuds :

Reviews about Raycon Earbuds

Celeb Sightings :

Raycon is obsessed with being noticed. Brand has an entire section on its website devoted to celebrities who have worn their earbuds.This could be an attempt to show potential buyers that these people didn’t just put them on to take a photo before putting their AirPods Pro back in. Who knows? These celebrities may actually enjoy the earbuds.

Advertising by Raycon:

Advertising by Raycon

You’ve probably heard of Raycon Everyday Earbuds if you’ve ever spent time on YouTube. They’re being promoted by every influencer on the planet. WIRED’s headphone reviewer thought they were a swag item that creators receive in exchange for sponsorships. This helps pay for cameras and edits. These plasticky-looking buds must be terrible, right?

Raycon’s Older User:

The Everyday Earbuds, especially if you are coming from Raycon’s older, bulkier buds, are very good. (The company regularly updates these without… really telling anyone but these are late 2022 models.) The Everyday Earbuds come with a small, egg-shaped case that fits easily in my pants pockets and supports wireless charging. The case can charge the buds for up to 24 hours, while the buds can last around 8 hours (depending on how loud you listen). This passive noise reduction is similar to that of light noise cancelling, but it doesn’t have any active noise cancellation.

Little ergonomic peanuts:

AirPods are standard AirPods with four pairs of eartips. These buds have ergonomic silicone eartips and better seal your ears.

What are the Raycon Everyday Headphones like?

The Everyday Headphones are headphones and the company didn’t include them with the earbuds. The company also tested out The Everyday Headphones. The headphones are over-ear headphones that offer active noise cancellation with the same sound signature of the earbuds.

Claim by Raycon:

Raycon claims that they will last 22 hours when ANC is turned off, but less if it’s turned on. These headphones are also reasonably priced for noise-canceling over-ear headphones, at $99 (around £70 or AU$135).

What’s not to love?

They deliver good sound with surprising stereo separation. However, the sound spectrum is more focused on bass. Noise cancellation isn’t very powerful, especially compared to the industry leaders like Bose and Sony. It also doesn’t support the best audio codecs, so you’re limited to SBC and AAC.

Do They Value Money?

Do They Value Money

The price of an earphone is not directly related to its quality, which is determined by the components and the level of quality assurance. The price of earphones is heavily influenced by the brand and middlemen.


There are $500 earphones with the same level of quality as $250 earphones and $250 earphones made from very low quality materials. You need to dig deeper for the best deal.


Raycon Everyday Earbuds are a bit out of date. Not so long ago, true wireless earbuds were able to mask poor sound with an array of attractive features. In a world of active noise cancellation, double-digit battery lives and other features that are becoming standard in options under $100 you need the complete package.

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