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groome transportation

About Groome Transportation:

About Groome Transportation
Groome Transportation, a family business, began offering transportation services in Richmond in 1934. Groome Transportation offers a professional, safe and quality shuttle service for a competitive price. Groome Transportation offers van shuttle services from Athens GA to Atlanta Airport.

The top priority for Groome Transportation is:

The safety of employees and passengers is Groome’s number one priority.Groome, which has 35 offices in 16 states now, began looking for ways to make its business more efficient and safer.

AI Based Safety Technology:

AI Based Safety Technology

Groome strives to provide the best possible customer service, and was searching for a safety technology based on AI that met this high standard.

Efficient Operating System:

Efficient Operating System
Groome, a leading provider of automotive safety products, switched to Motive in order to reduce cell phone use with AI-powered dashboard cameras, increase the efficiency of their safety department by four times, and create a reward program for safe drivers based on DRIVE score.

Groome Transportation: Reliable and Trustworthy:

It is an established name in the travel business, and it’s known for its dedication to customer satisfaction.The fleet of comfortable vehicles and the team of experienced drivers will ensure a relaxing, enjoyable trip to your destination. Why it’s the perfect choice for a ride.

Convenience is at its best:

You can find a schedule that suits your needs. Never worry about parking or traffic again. They take care of everything, so you can relax and concentrate on your trip.

Priced Right:

They know that traveling shouldn’t be expensive. Prices are affordable without sacrificing quality. Coupon codes can help you save money on your next trip.


Airport Shuttle System Of Groome Transportation:

20 Round Trips Daily:

Groome Transportation is pleased to announce that they began service in Auburn, Alabama on March 12, 2012. Currently, there are 20 round-trips per day between Auburn and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Service between Auburn University in Montgomery:

From August 3, 2022 Groome is adding service between Auburn University in Montgomery, Maxwell Air Force Base, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. To find out more about our fares and schedules or to ask questions, please visit our frequently asked questions page. Children under three years of age travel free when accompanied with an adult.

Group rates available Group Charter Shuttle:

Group Charter Shuttle
No group too large; no group too small. They will guide you in choosing the right equipment for your group. – Late Model Vans & Minibuses

– Local, Airport and VIP Services
– Professional, Courteous, Uniformed Drivers
– Discounted Group Rates
– Local and Out of Town Charters

Challenge Of Groome Transportation:

Groome initially used dash cameras from another modern safety supplier to support its safety programme. However poor AI-based events detection and unreliable connectivity of dash camera led Groome consider other solutions.

Vendor’s AI-based events detection :

Vendor's AI-based events detection
The inaccuracy with which this vendor’s AI-based events detection worked was a concern for Groome’s leaders. “Carpenter says that the lack of reliability with its previous dash camera vendor also drove them to look for new solutions. “When Groome needed help to fix connectivity issues, the delays in response time slowed its entire operation. “I was tired” Carpenter investigated the possibility of switching to Motive’s AI-powered solution for safety.

Solution By Groome Transportation:

Groome made the switch after a thorough head-to-head experience. For Carpenter, “it was a no brainer.”When the dashcam alerts my drivers about an important event, they are aware of its importance. “Motive also helped Carpenter’s department become more efficient. “Carpenter says that the amount of time saved is “unreal”.

Motive Propriety Drive:

The final factor in the decision was Motive’s proprietary DRIVE Risk Score. This allows us to build incentive programs and predict future accidents. “Carpenter’s team can also use DRIVE to gain a comprehensive view of drivers performance over time. ”

Results By Groome Transportation:

Carpenter says that his favorite feature of Motive is the fact that it bridges the gap between corporate and the frontline. “Carpenter’s team is seeing a reduction in the use of cell phones and interactions since implementing Motive AI dashcam.”This drastic change would not have been possible without AI Dashcam’s ability to detect this behavior accurately,” says Carpenter. ”

Motive’s partnership :

Motive's partnership
Groome is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and conduct for its employees, customers and the public. Motive’s partnership makes this possible.

Carpenter concludes :

Carpenter concludes that the Motive AI safety platform has boosted his safety department, and driven company-wide ROI. We can improve driver performance and reduce claims.But most importantly, we can keep our passengers safe. ”

Tips for a Successful Career In Groome Transportation:

You can find auto transporters in your area who offer the services you need by contacting them. Then, research the local companies to see which ones offer these services. You would be wasting your time if you tried to contact a company who does not provide the services that you require.

Terminal-toterminal service or door-to-door service:

You may, for example, prefer enclosed transport to open transport. You’d then want to ensure that you only consider companies who offer enclosed auto transport.Other services that you may need are terminal-toterminal service or door-todoor service.


Customer reviews and ratings for the companies you are considering. Look at online reviews and ratings posted to business review websites including https://www.bbb.org/. Ask your family and friends what they think if you’ve had any previous experience with the business. Take off companies from your list that you feel are unreliable and low quality.

Compare Reviews:

Compare the negative and critical reviews with those of a company. You can use this to determine if customers are happy with the company’s services.

BBB Confirmation:

BBB confirms all reviews by customers before they are published. They do this by contacting both the customer and company to confirm a transaction.Some sites do not verify the reviews they post, so you may not get an accurate picture.

Avoid Wire-transparent Payment:

Wire-transparent Payment:
Avoid companies that require a wire-transfer payment.The most reliable and legitimate auto transport companies will require you to pay via credit card or check. Untrustworthy companies will insist on payment by wire transfer. If a company prefers to accept credit cards or checks but will accept wire transfers, it is likely legitimate. You should focus on companies who insist on wire transfers.

Check for spelling and grammar errors :

Check for spelling and grammar errors on the website of the company. Reliable companies tend to avoid these mistakes more on their websites. A website with many spelling and grammar errors is likely to be a fake site or one that has a bad reputation.

Motor Carrier number:

Motor Carrier number
Check for a valid Motor Carrier Number if you are in the United States. All auto transporters operating in the United States are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation, which requires that each company have an MC number. This number will almost certainly indicate that a company is fraudulent.

Stay Safe From Fake Numbers:

When asked, a legitimate company will either provide this number on their website or make it available when requested. Fake companies either hide or give a fake number. Visit the Electronic Records Site of the Federal Motor Carrier.

What options does the carrier offer?

Your car can be transported on an enclosed carrier, an open carrier or a multi-carrier. The open and multi carriers may be the cheapest, but your car is left exposed to the weather. Closed carriers are ideal for protecting expensive cars.


Almost all auto transport companies offer open carrier shipping. You may have to do a bit more searching if you want enclosed transport.

Seek insurance :

You may have to buy insurance directly from the company if your auto insurance does not cover you while your vehicle is in transit.Do not do business with any company that cannot insure your vehicle while it is being transported. You may not receive any reimbursement if something happens to your car.

Ask for Proof:

Ask for proof that the company is actually insured to ensure it’s a legitimate offer. Legally, legitimate companies must provide proof of their insurance when asked.

All Your Questions Answered:

How can I contact Groome Transportation?

It’s easy to book a ride. Visit their website to book a ride. You can book a ride by visiting their website. You can book at the ticket counters if you prefer.

What types of vehicles does this company offer?

Groome Transportation has a wide range of vehicles including comfortable buses and spacious vans. What type of vehicle to choose depends on your destination and the number of passengers. Is Groome Transportation available 24/7? Groome Transportation is available 24/7 to accommodate flight schedules. They can accommodate your early morning flight, or late night arrival.

Can I cancel or change my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation or make changes. You should review the cancellation policy to see if there are any fees associated with your change.

Can pets be transported in vehicles?

Check their pet policy to see if there are any fees or specific guidelines.

How can I contact them the best?

You can reach their customer service team via their website or hotline. You can contact them with any questions or concerns.

Conclusion Of The Article:

These vehicles offer the ultimate in travel experiences. These vehicles are great for getting you to your destination with minimal stress.Keep an eye out on coupon offers to save even more money. Why wait? Groome Transportation offers a smooth travel experience. Book today!

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