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Cargo Trailer Rental Options

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When looking for a rental service, consider the following factors. Ensure that you are renting a trailer that meets your needs. Before you rent a cargo trailer, you must read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any surprises. Most rental companies will offer several Cargo Trailer Rental options. Some of these options are U-Haul, Penske, United Rentals, and Connecticut Trailers and Powersports. In addition, you can also check the websites of local companies for specific information.


If you’re moving across town and need a cargo trailer rental, a U-Haul auto transport trailer is your best option. These trailers can tow up to 5,290 pounds and feature an automatic brake system and ratchet-operated tire straps. Many of these trailers also double as motorcycle trailers, and have a low deck and wide-open access for easy loading. They’re also perfect for long-distance moves, as they’re made to fit up to a queen-size bed.

You can also rent a cargo van from a U-Haul cargo rental company. These vans are built to fit a variety of items, including large furniture. A 9-foot cargo van is large enough to fit a twin-sized mattress, spring box set, three-seater sofa, and two nightstands. Depending on the size of the trailer, you can also rent smaller cargo vans that are just big enough for a few boxes.


If you’re in need of a cargo Cargo Trailer Rental, Penske has plenty of sizes to choose from. The smallest rental is a 11-foot-11-inch box truck with 404 cubic feet of loading space. It has a weight capacity of three thousand pounds and can handle two-bedroom apartment contents. For standard-size dorms, a 12-foot rental truck is a good option. It has 450 cubic feet of space and a weight capacity of three thousand pounds.

If you’re moving a car, U-Haul offers car trailers. These trailers can tow both two-wheeled and four-wheel-drive vehicles. Penske Cargo Trailer Rental are compatible with rental trucks from other companies. Car trailers, however, cannot be backed while attached to a rental truck. This is because the trailer can’t be moved by itself while the moving truck is attached to it.

United Rentals

United Rentals offers a variety of different types of cargo trailer rental options. For instance, you can rent a drop deck trailer with a double axle from the company. These trailers offer the convenience of easy loading and unloading without ramp adjustments or winches. They are ideal for moving hard-to-move items and small equipment. These trailers are available in single and double axle configurations, and will provide you with the necessary tools to move the cargo easily.

With United Rentals, you can find a variety of different types of Cargo Trailer Rental and other equipment. These trailers can be equipped with different specifications, such as 2 or four-wheel drive wheels and tracks. You can find the right equipment for your needs by using a search tool, and you can compare the prices for weekly or monthly rentals. Some rental equipment may require a CDL class B or C license, so make sure to check before you rent.

Connecticut Trailers and Powersports

With over 30 years of experience in serving the greater New England area, Connecticut Trailers offers a full range of rental services for your trailer needs. Connecticut Trailers doubles the manufacturer warranty on new trailers, and is one of the largest inventory holders in the North East. Customers can choose from industry-leading brands like Kenworth and Isuzu. Connecticut Trailers offers a wide variety of rental options, from cargo trailers to boat and jet ski rentals.

When renting a trailer, it is important to have the correct paperwork. The customer must declare what they are hauling and how much they weigh. It is important to bring a photo ID when picking up your trailer. Connecticut Trailers & Powersports is located in Bolton, Connecticut. For reservations, call or visit their website today. To receive the best rates, make sure you book your trailer ten days in advance.

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