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Cargo Trailers

Benefits of Cargo Trailers. Customize your cargo trailer

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A cargo trailer is a vehicle that is unpowered and towed by a powered vehicle. These vehicles are often used to transport goods and materials. A cargo trailer is typically lightweight and more economical than an open utility trailer. ATP fenders are a great way to customize a cargo trailer for your needs. They can add safety features to keep your cargo trailer from damaging the road or other vehicles. Below are some of the benefits of cargo trailers:

Customize your cargo trailer with ATP Fenders

ATP Fenders for your Cargo Trailers are an affordable way to enhance the aesthetics of your trailer. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, these fenders are an easy way to customize your cargo trailer. They also add safety and security to your cargo trailer. If you need additional lighting for driving at night, you can purchase rear loading lights that operate on 12V batteries. The rear loading lights can cost $99 each and are easily switchable.

ATP fenders are great for protecting your cargo trailer from the elements. These fenders can be fitted to the bottom or sides of your cargo trailer. These fender covers are available in different shapes and sizes to provide increased protection against damage. ATP fenders are available in different materials, including aluminum and steel. For a more durable design, you can choose a custom-made fender.

Utility trailers are less expensive

While cargo trailers can be expensive, utility trailers are inexpensive and lightweight. Many trucks and cars can tow them, and they are available in a variety of styles. Many people also convert utility trailers into campers. There are RV campgrounds in the US that allow people to tow these converted vehicles. Whether you are a business owner or a vacationer, a utility trailer can meet your needs.

Small utility trailers can start at about $200 and can hold 850-1,000 pounds. Most are sold in kits that are easy to assemble by people with basic mechanical skills. For example, Amazon offers a kit that is 40″x48″ with a flat open frame and 8″ tires. Another option is to buy a folding utility trailer with twelve-inch tires and install them yourself. This will save you time and money.

Safer than open utility trailers

When shopping for a trailer, there are several factors to consider. Most importantly, you should determine how you plan to use the trailer, including the amount of cargo it will carry. A safer option is to choose a cargo trailer with an enclosed interior. This type of trailer is much more secure than an open utility trailer. Moreover, it will allow you to load and unload your cargo quickly. Ultimately, your safety depends on the type of cargo you will transport.

The material used to construct utility trailers varies in quality. You can find utility trailers made of steel or aluminum. While steel will rust more quickly, aluminum will last longer than steel. However, steel trailers will not rust for many years if you take care of them. Another important feature to look for in a utility trailer is its floor cross members. The closer the cross members are to the sides, the stronger the trailer is.


If you want a lightweight, enclosed trailer, look no further than a sport utility trailer. These trailers are easy to load and unload and are ideal for carrying oddly shaped objects. This type of trailer is also a good choice for transporting recreational vehicles. These trailers also come with the advantage of being lightweight, but they do not protect the cargo as well as an enclosed cargo trailer does. You can find a wide range of lightweight utility trailers on the market.

The Moduline Cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes and features. They are made of lightweight military-grade aluminum that will not corrode or dent over time. Additionally, the Moduline Cabinets feature removable dividers to keep the contents of each compartment neat. The removable dividers also allow easy sorting of bolts and nuts. In addition, the Moduline Cabinets have a worktop inside the trailer for more comfort and convenience.


The Cargo Express XL Series is the most versatile and affordable trailer on the market today. With an extensive range of sizes and a standard feature list, these trailers can fit any need. You can choose from a wide range of roof and front styles. You can also purchase a cargo trailer with a standard tongue weight of 5,000 pounds or less. Whatever your needs, the XL Series cargo trailer is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

When not in use, the versatile cargo trailer can be converted into a mobile office or additional office space. The trailer deck can be positioned in a variety of locations, orientations, and configurations, including directly loading and unloading cargo. A cargo trailer with a drop-down table and a full desk can become the business space that a mobile company needs. Many mobile businesses today operate from a trailer, so the versatile deck can be an invaluable asset for them.


A durable cargo trailer is perfect for hauling all your construction equipment, landscaping supplies, and other items. This trailer is over 7 1/2 feet tall and is built with heavy-duty tube steel for durability. With a maximum load capacity of 2,130 pounds, this trailer will keep your goods safe and secure. You can load up your Durable cargo trailer with lawn care equipment, tools, and bikes. This trailer is equipped with a 2-inch ball coupler and safety chains for added safety.

Choosing a durable cargo trailer also means that you should consider the design and construction. When it comes to safety, you should choose one that has a flush or bar lock on its doors. For added security, aluminum door hold backs are better than plastic. Another safety feature to look for is a door bar lock that has a built-in key. This eliminates the need for padlocks on the rear and side doors.

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